Sunday, August 5, 2012

Barrettes, bracelets and bows

I have been seeing a lot of tutorials on bows, barrettes and bracelets for younger girls, and my niece (knowing I'm crafty) asked me to create a bow for her.  I made one, and just went overboard with creating hair pieces and cute little bracelets and what-nots for her.  She is 12 and she loved every item I had made.

The tutorials can be found via the internet, there are so many, and really, I could not pinpoint which is best.  I used youtube to locate my tutorials but there are written tutorials as well on pinterest and various blogs, so pick one and have fun creating something unique and cute for a little lady you may know.

Sorry about the glare from the flash, it was night time so I did not have the use of natural light.

Rosettes made with fabric, faceted bicone beads, and a large jewel

Rosette hair clip made from ribbon

Hair bow barrette made from ribbon

Four loop hair bow barrette made from ribbon (had quite a bit of this ribbon)

Stretch bracelet made from plastic beads

Charm bracelet made from colored wire links and various charms

Heart necklace made from plastic link chain

Star necklace made from plastic link chain

Sassy earrings made from beads found in a bead mix

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