Thursday, December 27, 2012

Why do I craft?

Many times I get asked the question, "why?" when people find out that I make jewelry, body products, and many other crafts and the simple answer is because it's fun.

But my explination goes deeper than that because any crafter knows that there is a bunch of work and sometimes a bit of fustration co-mingled with some disappointment that also occurs with a hobby/business of crafting.

So I will start with body products, I started making my own out of a need. I have super sensitive skin and I am always having some sort of reaction to something or another. In addition, I can use a product for a few months with no adverse reaction, just to have the weather change, or a spike in my hormones and I am all rashed up and uncomfortable. So I decided to do a bunch of research and I started making lotion and body butter.

That whole process just railroaded into me making oils and soap and powder, etc. So since I was enjoying my products, I decided to offer them to others. Making body products is HARD work; you MUST get your measurements right, you have to calculate and keep track of your precise recipes and any changes you make but again, the end result is so gratifying and other than burning feet from standing in the kitchen so long and a mess to clean up afterwards, I found the process soothing and healthy.

When my partnership dissolved in the body products business, I decided to try something new and since I LOVE jewelry I started researching beading. I bought some beads and the rest is history, I truly found my niche and I loved the artistic outlet that beading and jewelry making in general allows. From a simple bracelet (See my bracelet post), I expanded into making other types of jewelry using various beadweaving techniques. Now I have moved into polymer clay and resin and while there are still some messes to clean up, patterns or guides to follow and some soreness from sitting up for hours; beading has a calming and zen-like effect on me. It's like zoning out and meditating, I get to think over things and my mind is clear. If I am upset, I bead, and after awhile, I am calm and the matter is resolved, if I am troubled, I bead and my thoughts are instantly switched from negative to positive.

Don't get me wrong, beading, and any other craft,  is not a cure all, it's just MY way of escaping and finding some calm when I really need to think. Some like to sit in a quiet dark room; others may like to sit outside quietly on a bench, bhut as for me, I like both situations, just add some beads or clay or fabric and I am good to go.

I still make body products and I plan to sell them again and I plan to start sewing again and making purses, all of this work just turns into play and all of my frustrations and disappointments are all learning experiences and after I am holding a beautiful product that I contructed from a simple idea and some materials, it all seems worth it.

So this is the reason I craft and why I love it and find it necessary.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Clay Play All Day

My addiction hit me quick, polymer clay is so fun and I just love the versatility of it. I finally bought a toaster oven and I can't seem to tear my self away from baking up new pieces.  I only have pictures of one bangle that I made yesterday, since then I have made several more pieces but I need to wait until day light to take pics.

I haven't completely abandoned beading, I have a few pieces that I beaded up a few days ago, I also have an order to fill for two bracelets so I seriously have to get to work and finish them up so I can get them shipped out.

Lastly, I have been posting a bunch of new beading patterns to my Etsy shop Etsy link for patterns, along with a few new pieces of jewelry

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Still time to VOTE for your favorite Etsy piece

As you know Etsy Beadweavers Club has a monthly challenge and each month between the 9th and 15th we invite all to vote on thier favorite piece.  I can't express the level of awe I experience each month that I see the cretivity and hard work that has been put into each and every piece. Please visit in order to vote. I have included a sample of all the pieces that have been enetered. The poll is located in a grey box on the right hand side of the page, scroll to the bottom to vote, or to see the current results.


Voting for for this challenge  is on December 9th - 15th.


1. After the Assault: A Mother\2. Nostalgia - crimsonfrog3. Transitions Freeform Bib Necklace - beadn4fun4. The Rhythm of My Life - DowntheCopperLine5. Hope  - Vicus6. Balance - MoreThanSomewhat7. Scarred - CreationsofAgape8. Empty Portraits - KraftKonfessions9. Desire - TheSpecialCase10. Bridal Bliss - RadisteDesigns11. Passion and Love - Maewa12. Drama Queen - SpringColors13. Hope for the best - BeadsForBeauty14. Nostalgic Courage - ellimei15. Euphoria Bracelet and Earrings Set - HauteIceBeadwork16. Purple \"Passion\" Potion Bottle Necklace - barbaraellis17. Pacification Aqua set - AnnaCohen18. Emotional Roller Coaster - zviagil19. Feelin\20. State of Bliss - 4uidzne21. Envy - AngelqueCreations22. JOY to the world - RebeccasWell23. Holiday Joy - enchantedbeads

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Play with Polymer Clay

So I recently took a polymer clay class at a bead fair that I attened in Virginia. The class was so fun and I really did learn alot about polymer clay. I had some extra clay left over from the class and so I decided to set the beads down and mess around with the clay.

First I decided to just do some simple clay strands in the metallic colors of FIMO that I had left over. I actually like the outcome of the bracelet and I want to experiment more with colors and the size of the strands. (Side note-I purchased an extruder and attempted to use it but the clay was nearly impossible to get out and I almost broke my hand, not to mention, cleaning the darn thing was a bear)

Metallic Twisted Clay Bracelet:

This next piece was made using a mold with faces, I love these face cabs but I hate that they are always bald, can a lady get some hair please? Needless to say, I had to take a moment to style my cabs hair. (Note-I dropped something on it and it left a bit of a "scar"...needless to say, I am going to use this anyway, might add some color to it later)

Golden Locks Cab

Lastly, I created another twisted bangle, some spiral earrings, and a pendant (I also created some really cool circle earrings, but I burnt them and yes I was DEVASTATED)

Abstract Heart Pendant

Spiral Earrings (w/o finding)

 Twisted Pretzel Bangle

I found that while so many love FIMO clay (which is what the teacher recommended and gave us); I found a great sell at Michaels on Sculpey clay and found that to be just as fun to work with. Since I am still a newbie, I can't say what clay is best, but I do know that from my experience thus far, both clays were easy to work with, easy to blend, and baked well.

I created a bangle from the Sculpey clay, I was practicing the milliflori cane design and since the cane was so small, I could not roll it out so I just flattened it and baked it.

 The top pic represents the true color

What about you, do you have a preference, or can you offer some insight on clay brands?