Saturday, March 31, 2012

Carnival Earrings

Beaded bead earrings designed by Ellad, check out her blog ( where you can get her wonderful jewelry tutorials. I made these using 6mm pearls, 4mm rounds, 11/0 seed beads and 2 colors of 8/0 seed beads.  They worked up fast and were super fun to create.  You can also use the beaded beads for pendant or even a bracelet, let your imagination go wild.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hair Clips/Barrette

Butterfly Feather clip was made using 2 felt butterflies (Michaels) and some feathers (also Michaels).  The butterflies had a sticky backing, so I stuck them together with the feather in between, and stitched them with clear fireline thread. While I stitched the butterflies together, I simultaneously attached them to the hair clip as well.

Triple Scoop Ice cream hair clip was designed by Megan Baker and her designs are on  I used brick stitch to complete the pattern and also used 11/0 seed beads. I then stitched the charm to a hair clip using fireline thread.

I made this hair clip for my niece on her 11th b-day using feather (Michaels) and glittered letters (also Michaels). I hot glued the feathers and the letters and then used fireline and hot glue to connect to the hair clip. The clip says my nieces' name, Lariah.

In fact, all three hair clips are now the property of my niece, Lariah.


Butterfly necklace was constructed using a bead pattern for the butterfly charm found on Etsy.  The charm was brick stitched (my first brick stitch project) and I used 11/0 seed beads.  The necklace was strung with various size/shape beads that matched the color palate of the butterfly.

Chillies necklace was made using a pattern for chilies that I found on Etsy, then I decided to make 3 chillies in different colors and string them on wire with orange nuggets and red coral beads.  I made the circular pendant using peyote stitch and 11/0 seed beads.

Daisy chain necklace was made using a video found on The daisy was made using dagger beads in 2 colors and then I strung the connected the beads (not certain of the size) using head pins.  The necklace is as asymmetrical and very cute.

Daisy elegance necklace was a free pattern found on the internet.  Using the daisy stitch to complete and 11/0 seed beads with 15/0 seed beads for embellishment, I completed this project within a few days.  It is a lot of work but worth every minute.

Garden Necklace was a free design that I found on the internet and I really love the triangle weave. This was made with 4mm rounds (2 colors) and 4mm swarovski crystals (2 colors) and some 15/0 seed beads for embellishments.  Finished with a silver twist clasp.

Green Purple, Pink necklace is a multi-strand stringing work that I made using different size/shape beads in the aforementioned three colors.  I added this amazing silver antique filigree pendant that really adds a nice sophistication to an otherwise plain design. Finished with a lobster clasp.

Knights necklace was inspired by a chainmaille design on This chandelier design incorporates the Byzantine chainmaille technique and some varying stones and beads.  Jump ring sizes are 3mm, 5mm, 9mm, and 10mm.  This was finished with an extender and lobster clasp.

This Necklace and earrings set was one of my first jewelry projects and I actually sold it to a customer when I showed her the pieces I had completed.  I found the pendant at (Michaels) and I should have bought more because I have not been able to find another one like it.  The beads were also from Michaels, and again, I should I have bought more because they were on sale and discontinued. This was a simple stringing project and it was finished with a twist clasp.

One of my favorite chokers is the Purple Parade.  I used the Peyote spiral technique (also known as the cellini spiral).  Tutorials can be found on youtube and I encourage all to learn this extremely versatile stitch.  Using varying sized beads (11/0, 8/0, and 6/0) in varied shades of purple, this project took quite awhile to work up, but it was so worth it. This was finished with cone shaped bead caps and a lobster clasp.

Another wire project, I created the pendant from 18 gauge copper plated wire and then strung chips onto the pendant to embellish.  I also strung chips and 4mm gold colored beads onto the necklace strand.  I really love this necklace, it is so organic looking.  This was finished with a lobster clasp.

This is my first take on Russian spiral which I learned using a video on Beads used were size 15/0,11/0, 8/0, and 4mm. I finished using cone bead caps and a hook and eye clasp.

Another one of my first projects was the Turtle necklace which I made using a turtle pendant from Michaels and 6mm different color/shape beads.  I also used 15/0 beads and larger beads (10mm I think) near the pendant.  This was finished with a twist clasp.

St. Petersburg necklace was inspired by a design on I used 11/0 and 8/0 seed beads and black disc beads (not certain the diameter). This was a fun stitch to use and I love the unique quality of the necklace. Finished with a lobster clasp.

This was my first multi-strand necklace and I made it for my sister.  She had some beads that she wanted me to incorporate into a necklace and I came up with the necklace below.  I used a variety of seed beads to string onto 2 different lengths of wire and then I finished with a twist clasp.


Amethyst chip wire ring was made with silver 16 gauge silver plated wire.  This was one of my first wire projects and my sister permanently borrowed this from me.

Birds Nest ring was made from 18 gauge gold plated wire and 4mm pearls and 2mm rounds.  I found this free design on youtube and though that it was so cute.

Cat Eye ring was a design found on  This was one of my first bead woven rings and I love to wear this.  The colors are so pretty and the style can be worn with something casual or fancy. This was completed using 2 thread weaving and I used 8/0 seed beads, 4mm cat eye beads, and 4mm swarovski crystals.

Three spiral ring is made of silver plated wire (not certain of the gauge) and colored with patina and gold Gilders paste.

Royal Ring is a design found on and it required 11/0 seed beads, 4mm rounds, and 4mm swarovski crystals.  This was completed using RAW (right angle weave)

Dushi Ring was another pattern and it was a difficult ring to construct, but as you can see, extremely rewarding. Used 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads in 2 colors, 4mm swarovski crystals, and a 14mm rivoli. This was done in peyote stitch.

Flower garden ring was made for my 12 year old niece and I used peyote to complete the band (11/0 seed beads) and lucite flowers and 4mm pearls and rounds) to embellish.

Flower ring was a design and it was a 2 thread bead weaving project.  It required 4mm swarovski crystals in 2 colors and some 11/0 seed beads.  This was the 2nd ring that I completed.

Oval ring was a free design found on youtube (Off the beaded path) and it required 4mm swarovski crystals (over 40) and 11/0 seed beads.  I believe that this was a 2 thread bead weaving project as well. I love this ring, and even though it takes a lot of crystals, it gleams and shines at every angle (this picture really does not do it justice)

Pillow top flower ring, I found this design on but it can also be found on youtube (Off the Beaded Path). This was a 2 thread bead weaving project and I used 4mm pearls for the base and 4mm swarovski crystals for the flowers and 11/0 seed beads for the band.

Snowflake ring pattern was found on youtube (Off the Beaded Path) and the original design uses 4mm swarovski crystals but that look was way too fancy for my taste, so I used 4mm rounds with 11/0 seed beads.  I think this was a RAW project, but I am not 100% certain anymore. This is another favorite ring of mine!

Southwestern Ring was a pattern from, I used a 6mm beads and 11/0, 8/0, and 15/0  seed beads. This ing was completed using the net stitch.

Triangle ring was a pattern that I found on Etsy, but it is also available on, I used peyote stitch to complete and all beads are 11/0 seed beads.

Another early wire project, just wrapped a jade rock with 16 gauge copper plated wire.

Pom pom ring was inspired by a ring design on youtube, however, I used the fringe technique in order to complete the ring. The beads used are 15/0 seed beads, 4mm rounds, and 4mm swarovski crystals.  The base holding the beads is a faucet screen (found at hardware store) and I used RAW to construct a simple band.


Chainmaille Flower earrings made using 2 sizes of silver jump rings (I can't remember the size of the jump rings, but the pattern can be found on jewelrymakingprofessor, and it is free). This was my first chainmaille project, it was majorly frustrating but the outcome was very rewarding.  The center of the flowers are green 4mm swarovski crystals.

Chiquita earrings are a pattern created by Ellad and can be found on  This earring used herringbone stitch and embellishments. 8/0 and 11/0 seed beads and 8mm and 6mm pearls were used to complete this design.

Dangle earrings were created using metal Lilly Pilly sheets found on  I cut the metal strips and then twisted them and connected the bead on the bottom.  While I like the design, I will use a larger dowel when I make them again so that the contrast of the metals can be seen better.

Beaded Star earrings were made with pony beads.  I made these for my niece as a gift.  You can use any size beads but you will have to adjust the number of beads for the star points, be sure to use an odd number of beads for the points.

Beadwoven Heart earrings were made using a design from  They work up really fat, less than an hour to complete, and use 8/0 and 15/0 seed beads, as well as 2mm gold beads.

Black Noir earrings were made using these really cool beads that I got from a bead mix from A.C. Moore.  I added jet black swarovski crystals to add a little more sophistication.

Fan Earrings were made of wire and I found the design on These work up really fast and I used a colored wire to complete them.

Trinket earrings were derived from a free pattern on  These earrings were fun and fast to create, I used 15/0 seed beads, and 4mm pearls as well as 4mm swarovski crystals.

Purple earrings were made from beads out of a bead mix I got at A.C. Moore, I added the opal swarovski crystalsand 8/0 seed beads in order to jazz them up a little 

Leopard Eyes earrings were made using a pattern from  I love these earrings, they took a couple of days to weave but they turned out divinely. Used 11/0 and 10/0 seed beads in varying colors and gold plated fire polished 3mm beads.


This bracelet was complete using RAW (right angle weave) and then a simple embellishment. The black pearls are 8mm and the embellishment includes 15/0 seed beads and 2mm gold rounds.  This was one of the first patterns I followed in order to complete a design.

The Cat Eye Bangle was completed using 4mm round cat eye beads in 2 colors and 2mm brown cat eye beads for embellishment.  The entire bracelet is RAW (right angle weave). I like this bracelet because it is casual and cat eye beads are some of my favorite beads to use in my designs.

The Cobblestone bracelet was derived from a patten found on the JMP website ( Again I used RAW, using 11/0 gold seed beads and then embellished with iridescent AB Miyuki drop beads.  The clasp is a simple beaded toggle clasp.

The Feathers bracelet is a Jaycee Patterns design that I found on Etsy.  I really love this bracelet because it is so beautiful, the clasp is a beaded toggle clasp.  The design required 8/0, 11/0, and 15/0 seed beads in various colors and 3mm gold plated druk beads.  You create 2 feathers, circular peyote, at a time and then connect the pairs of feathers at the end.

The Flower Garden bracelet was a free pattern I found on a beading website, and I was drawn to it because of the use of swarovski crystals, which really make the bracelet shine.  4mm pearls and 11/0 seed beads were also used and I attached a silver toggle clasp on the ends.

The Joyful bangle was a pattern I found on and it is a tubular netting design, it was fun to weave up.  I chose a completely casual color palate but this bangle can be jazzed up using pearls or even crystals.

The Lacy Herringbone bracelet was also a free bead pattern found on This was the first time I completed the herringbone stitch and this bracelet was really great to practice the stitch. The materials were only 2 colors of 11/0 seed beads and some fireline thread.  The clasp was done using a double beaded bead toggle clasp.

The Loops and Pearls bracelet was a pattern used from a book Workshop Stitch-Right Angle Weave.  I got the book from for a great price (on sale and I also bought the Peyote edition as well). Hence the name of the book, the bracelet required a RAW base (8/0 seed beads), embellished with these wonderful iridescent keshi pearl.  The clasp is a silver filigree square design.

The Pink Soup bracelet is a fringe design that is gaining popularity.  I had a pink soup mix that I had accumulated (Bead Soup: a mixture leftover beads in varying shape, size, and color) and I just wanted to use up the pink beads.  After this bracelet, I was seriously turned off from fringe, it took soooo long to complete the fringe for the length of the bracelet.  But I did enjoy the freeness of the fringe technique, it allowed me to design a unique and completely pink bracelet.

Rainbow bracelet was a design from  Again, this design appealed to me because f the colorful and shiny swarovski crystals.  The bracelet worked up in no time and it used a double thread weaving technique.  The clasp is a simple twist clasp.

Royal Ruffles bracelet is a Hannah Rosner design that I bought off of Etsy at a great sale price.  The bracelet is done is 11/0 japanese seed beads and japanese triangle beads.  The toggle uses japanese seed beads and Miyuki drop beads.  Peyote stitch is used with increases in order to create the "ruffles".

Another free pattern that I found on the internet, this is a Russian Spiral Bugle bracelet.  The original design was a necklace but I wanted to try out the design first before weaving a full necklace so I used pink 11/0 seed beads and 3mm silver bugle beads.  I will make a necklace but I have another color palate that I want to use.  This was a simple and fast design to work up.

Squares and spirals bracelet/anklet is my own design that I developed using these awesome square breads and then coiling silver wire to create spacers.  I made an S-clasp out of wire as well

The Violets and Pearls bracelet is another free design from jewelrymakingprofessor.comAnother beginner design that I completed when I first started bead weaving.  This was done in RAW using various sized pearls and rounds.  I used a silver toggle clasp to complete the design.

Red Waves of Gold and Red  bracelet was done using a pattern in the Workshop Stitch RAW book. Used 11/0 red seed beads, 15/0 gold seed beads and 3mm fire polished gold beads.  The clasp is an antiqued lobster clasp.

Wires and Rocks bangle was created from copper wire, jade rocks, and wood saucer beads and cat eye beads.  This design was inspired from another design I saw on  The entire bracelet was shaped out of wire and then embellished.

Wire cage bracelet used colored wire and the coiling gizmo in order to create the coiled sections of the bracelet.  I also used 8mm beads in varying colors and some really cute colored rocks.  The clasp is a toggle clasp and I used crimp beads and 2mm silver beads.

The Zebra stretch bracelet is another beginner design I created when I bought these awesome white and black chips on sale.  I simply strung the chips on multiple stretch cords and then tied them all together with a little glue to seal the deal.

The Triangle weave bracelet was a free pattern that I downloaded from  It was a simple design and worked up in less than 2 hours.  I used black and silver pearls (8mm) and then embellished with black and silver size 8 seed beads.  I ended the bracelet with a toggle clasp.

This bracelet is the same design as the first bracelet uploaded on this page, I just used different colored beads.

This is a peyote bracelet I weaved up while I was practicing different shapes within the peyote stitch, it ended up looking like a sky full of clouds so I named it Blue Sky bracelet.  I used a simple bead toggle closure.  All beads used are 15/0 seed beads.

Braided circlets bracelet is another free pattern that I found on the internet (  Each circle was weaved using net stitch and then intertwined within each other in order to create this braided circles look.  The clasp is a beaded toggle clasp.

Snakeskin bracelet, is a variation of the bumpy peyote stitch, which is achieved using increases and decreases and varying sized seed beads (11/0 and 8/0).  The clasp is a heart shaped toggle clasp.