Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MyLovelyBeads.com :: Fashion Colorworks Beading Contest.

MyLovelyBeads.com :: Fashion Colorworks Beading Contest.

    RGB: 0-165-141
    HTML: #00A58D
    RGB: 246-142-80
    HTML: #F68E50
    RGB: 247-223-200
    HTML: #F7DFC8
Poppy Red
    RGB: 238-52-48
    HTML: #EE3430
Grayed Jade
    RGB: 152-204-183
    HTML: #98CCB7
Monaco Blue
    RGB: 20-68-119
    HTML: #144477
Tender Shoots
    RGB: 189-215-76
    HTML: #BDD74C
African Violet
    RGB: 184-149-197
    HTML: #B895C5
Lemon Zest
    RGB: 255-223-93

The color combinations are really beautiful, there are 3 of them and this is an opportunity for all beaders to showcase their creative abilities.

Please click on the link to get more information on the deadlines, requirements, and categories

Monday, October 29, 2012

Wire Mesh Bracelet

My mother is getting married in the next two weeks and I am going t be a bridesmaid in her wedding.  We are wearing royal purple dresses (my moms favorite color) and I was asked to create some jewelry for myself and my sister (the other bridesmaid) and my aunt (maid of honor).

Because my style is a bit different, I decided on a black wire mesh base with various shades of purple beads and black beads sewn down the center.

This was my first time using wire mesh and I really like this product because it is very forgiving (it will go back to it's original shape), it is also versatile because it can be stretched into a pattern or filled with beads or pulled into various hollow forms, and the list can go on.

I still need to create some earrings and I will add my picture of those once I am done.  I will use wire mesh with those as well.

Fallen Leaves Bangle EBW

I love the fall, especially the colors of the leaves as they transform from green to various shades of yellow, pink, red, orange, purple and brown. I live in the Maryland area and the trees that align the highway and in the yards are like a autumn rainbow.

The November EBW challenge is Squares and Circles and I chose to depict a deconstructed tree in the fall. Each "leaf" is represented by a cube that corresponds with a shade of an autumn leaf (there are 10). The tree "bark" is represented by a gold and brown circle that holds the "leaves"

Unlike an ordinary tree, the leaves on this bangle will never completely fade to brown and while the leaves move across the bark, they definitely will not fall off and blow away. You get to keep the beautiful fall colors all year long. 

I truly enjoyed this project and this is one of my first successful Cubic right angle weave (CRAW) projects.  This project gave me a great chance to master a beautiful weave and while I was intimidated by the thought of creating 10 CRAw cubes, I took on the challenge and regardless of the outcome, it is one of my proudest moments in beading.

To vote for your favorite piece, please visit our blog at http://etsy-beadweavers.blogspot.com between November 9-15.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Etsy Beadweavers

So I have joined the Etsy Beadweavers Team and I am so excited to be working on my first piece for the November challenge.  I feel so tiny among so many beading giants; I mean I have been admiring so many of the team members work for some time now and to actually enter a challenge with some of them is so intimidating, but also inspiring.  I guess I feel that all aspects of art is truly beautiful in someones eyes and so one should never be afraid to walk amongst the giants; for there will always be someone to look up to.

If you ever have a moment, please check out the site and feast your eyes on so many beautiful, well constructed, wearable art pieces.  The October challenge was awesome, there were so many gorgeous pieces and I had a hard time voting, but I finally saw a piece that spoke to me on so many levels.

You can view each individual piece and learn the story behind the creation by visiting the Etsy Beadweavers blog: http://www.etsy-beadweavers.blogspot.com/

In addition, the pieces can be purchased if you desire an truly you can not go wrong when you purchase handmade.  I can attest as a bead weaver that there is so much love, attention, and care that goes into every stitch.

Etsy Beadweavers blog: http://www.etsy-beadweavers.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Creations of Agape Web-site

So I have finally got my web-site up and running, I still have to polish it up and create a shopping section but so far it looks really nice and I am really glad to have another area for present and future customers to visit.

If you have any suggestions or opinions, please contact me on the site. 


So I have been busy working on my wire wrapping skills and my Kumihimo skills.  So I tackled 2 new projects and widened my jewelry making skills.

The Wire woven flower bracelet was done using 18 and 26 gauge wire, as well as, lucite flowers and jet swarovski crystals.  I enjoyed this project and I am looking forward to working with wire even more.

Next I created the Thorns bracelet using my Kumihimo board.  I bought this board months ago and then just let it sit in my office because I was a bit intimidated by the task.  I must admit, I had to start over at least 4 times, maybe even more, but once I got started, it was a breeze and I really loved the outcome of the bracelet.  I used drop beads, 8/0 seed beads and lavender S-lon beading cord.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dog Collar (complete)

I wanted to post a picture of the completed dog collar, it turned out beautifully and the customer was pleased.

I had to go back and interlock the collar (I don't own a dog, so I had no clue that this needed to be done); so the first pic is of the "finished product" and the second pic is of the revised, finished product.