Monday, August 26, 2013

Rosie's Scarf Bracelets

I finished my bead swap pieces  (theme was Rosie the Riveter) and sent them to my partner, and she loved them :-).

I was inspired by the red polka dot head scarf....

The first is a literal replica of Rosie's polka dot head scarf

I thought that this clasp looked a bit Targetey (Target store logo), so I made it reversible

Now it looks like a bullseye but I prefer it over Target logo...
(Love Target by the way, just don't wanna wear their logo....sorry partner)

I used herringbone stitch and varied the size and shape of the polka dots.  This was completely freeform and since I do not work with herringbone stitch often, I am super proud of the outcome.  The clasp is done in circular flat brick stitch (another newbie for me)

I finished it with silver tone to use snaps as my closure. It ended up pretty wide (about 2 inches) 

This bracelet is an abstract polka dot interpretation.  The glass bead features speckles in red, yellow white and blue and it was handmade by Tiffany Goff of Southern Gals Designs

I used a simple technique of stringing and created a multi-strand bracelet.

With some rondelles and a silver tone lobster clasp, this bracelet is delicate and sophisticated.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Checking In

Whew what a busy couple of weeks I have had, thought I would update you all on what I have been working on.

I just completed my Rosie the Riveter Bead Swap pieces and sent them out, so I won't post pics until after my partner has received her pieces. This was a Finished Swap for Bead Swap USA and I took my inspiration from the lovely polka dot head scarf.

Now I am working on another swap with Beaders United, again I can not show you the pics but I am taking pics of the process and I am really excited about the outcome.  I have been partnered with the lovely Ilenia. This is a circular swap so I will send Ilenia my piece but I will get a piece from another exciting.  The funny thing about this is a few months back I participated in a circular swap through the Etsy Beadweavers Team and who did I receive my pices from.....yep Ilenia, she sent me the lovely butterfly earrings pictured below:
Bead pattern butterfly earrings  - Pdf file - Beading tutorial pdf

And I am not done, I also am participating in a soutache contest being sponsered by Simply Soutache; this will be my first attempt at soutache but this is a great way to get some practice and maybe even win a prize.
So in addition to taking care of the more imporatant things in life, I also have a few opportunites to give gifts and to showcase my jewelry making skills.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Calypso Ring

I finished my August Challenge piece for OTTBS, the theme is Tropical Colors

The rules included using at least 4 of the six colors and to limit any additional colors outside of those featured above: Yellow, Orange, Purple, Turquoise, Lime Green and Red.

In addition, you could use a crystal rivoli and have your piece entered twice.

Normally I would not combine these colors, however, since I do use a myriad of colors in my pieces, I happened to have all the colors in my stash.

I chose an orange 14mm crystal rivoli and bezeled it with plum delica seed beads and turquoise seed beads.

Then building on a design by Jean Power from Geometric Beadwork

I added two layers of petals using delicas in red, yellow, and lime in the front


And red, yellow and lime delicas in the back


I accentuated the petals with turquoise beads

 And created a turquoise band

This is a wonderfully dimensional floral piece and the ring is comfortable and fun to wear.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Vote Time - Sea Adventures - August EBW Challenge

The August Challenge is "Sea Adventures" and there are some fabulous pieces that were created:

You can place your vote by visiting Etsy Beadweavers Blog and the polls are to the right:

I'll be taking a break from the challenge for September, though the theme is interesting "My Favorite Song"; I can't wait to see what others will create.  As for me, I am up to my ears with other beading projects but I am certain the EBW challenge will creep it's way back into my workload in the future.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Galaxy Bracelet

My Galaxy Bracelet is now complete, I love the outcome and it fits perfectly. Definitely a labor of love since it took me over 15 hours to complete but worth the work all the same.

I added a snap because I love snaps, they are easy to take on and take off

View of the bracelet fastened

Nice fit and the bracelet is so comfortable to wear

Just an interesting shot

Another angle 

I thought this shot really evoked the galactic out come, it looks like stars shining in a dark galaxy

Last shot taken right after I finished, I couldn't even wait to get into the sunlight or use my camera. Used my phone while I was sitting at work (yep I bead during my "down time" at work)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

What's on My Bead Board....

Currently I am continuing my work on my Galaxy Bracelet:

This concept is from Jean Power's book Geometric Beadwork

I'm using size 11/0 delica beads (Matte Black (310) and S/L Aquamarine(149))

At this point I am about 4-5 triangles shy of completion; it is going to have a hidden clasp, I am not certain if I am going to use magnets or a snap....decisions, decisions......

I had to abandon this piece last month to complete my EBW Challenge Piece - Ocean Treasures and even though I am just a few triangles shy of finishing; I am going to have to put this piece to the side for just a few more weeks because I will be working on another challenge with my new group Operation Tackle That Bead Stash (OTTBS):

We are working with Tropical Colors!