Thursday, September 20, 2012

Etsy Store Now Open: Creations of Agape

I am so pleased to announce that after months of planning, I finally opened my Etsy shop.  While I still have plenty more inventory to upload, I figured I would start now because I have  been procrastinating for so long. While I was totally apprehensive, I was so pleased to see a request for a customized piece one day later, so now I am working on a beaded dog collar for my very first customer (SO EXCITED). 

As I am working on this piece it hit me, why not offer beaded dog collars in my storr as well, so I will be featuring this option once I am finished with the collar I am creating now. Pictures will be uploaded of the completed  collar)  What a joy to have someone appreciate your talent and artistry.

If you are interested in on-line selling, I encourage you to do pleanty of research.  There are far more forums, other than Etsy, that will allow you to sell your goods, I settled on Etsy because I have been a consumer for over 2 years and I really think that thier site is user freindly, well visited, and well known.  Not to mention, Etsy also offers so much assistance to those who are interested in selling on thier site.  They have forums and personal stories of those who have had success in selling.

Pleasefollow my link to my store to browse, I am interested in hearing your opinion about my new baby :-)

**Soon so be complete, my website** (I will make an announcement and post a link once I am done)

Take care

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