Monday, October 14, 2013

Lessons in CRAW

CRAW (Cubic Right Angle Weave) is such a versatile stitch, however, recently I have discovered that not many beaders use CRAW and that is just a pure shame.  Many find it hard to maneuver and others are intimidated by it.

I must admit, I felt the same way at first, but I found a wonderful video by Heather Collins  who, in my humble opinion, is one of the best designers in CRAW stitch (not to mention her other projects); has a unique style and an amazing CRAW video that has up close visuals , as well as, step-by-step directions.

If you want to learn CRAW, I recommend starting with Heather's video.  With that said, when this stitch was voted for our Monthly Bead Challenge, I thought great, but many were hesitant and timid, so to show my courage, I tackled a Heather Collins design "Guinevere Cuff".

I started with my color palate 

I purchased this pattern about 2 years previously but I was just to intimidated to start it, I must say, I am glad that I did.  The results are breath taking and Heather provides a complex design that leaves one with new techniques regarding CRAW.

This is 3 individual eight unit CRAW ropes that are joined together

This bracelet is sturdy and full of character

I finished it with antique copper magnetic clasps

Truly this will be a go-to pattern because there are so many elements to this pattern, you could take one of them and develop a whole new design

I also made a simple CRAW bracelet and incorporated crystals. 

Pretty in Pink

While this is a more simplistic design, it shows the versatility of the CRAW stitch.  I created 2 separate CRAW ropes and then strung them on either side of this focal using beading wire.

So regardless of your design, CRAW can assist you to create a piece that can suite your personal style.  Simplistic or complex, CRAW does not disappoint when you incorporate it into your designs.  So grab those beads and give CRAW a try, you won't be disappointed.


  1. Beautiful bracelets Dee. I enjoy CRAW although I have not done the 8 bead CRAW yet. I will have to give that a try. Also thank you for signing up for A Time To Stitch 4 and suggesting Pondo I am not familiar with that stitch but I am going to look it up. If you reply to this comment I will also have your email address.

  2. Thanks Therese, there is a youtube video for the pondo stitch