Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Recent Projects

I've been beading, just not posting here on the blog..shame on me

I really enjoyed the fold formed bracelets. Just the freeness of the metal once heated, a really unique experience.
Fold Formed Metal Bracelet
Fold Formed Metal Bracelet
This is my first viking knit piece and while i never thought I would be able to successfully tackle viking knit...I did.
Viking knit bracelet 
 What a challenging piece, this was a class I took with Melissa G. Shippey. She really challenged me but I eventually completed the pendant. I still need to complete the rope but I am stuck between whether i want this to be a necklace or something else all together, like a fan pull.
Beaded Vessel Pendant

 What a piece this was to tackle. I really liked how I could take a group of beads and just build until I reached this outcome. The collar is 3 separate pieces and the back is lined in leather. By far, this is the largest embroidered piece and it took me a few start and stops before completion.
Sunken Treasures Bead Embroidered Collar
 At some point this will be framed but I just have not gotten around to it. I love this pattern, which I designed and I plan to place this in my bathroom.
Under the Sea beaded panel.
 Another piece that was a start/stop project. I love lavender and was elated to complete this necklace.
Lavender Beaded Necklace
 By far, this is my most geometric piece. It has curves, points and texture and the black and white color palate allows the intricate structural details to really pop.
Geometric Beaded Bangle
 All I can say about this one is the rope was sooooo long. 44 inches of beaded rope but worth every stitch, I LOVE this necklace.
Eclipse Necklace
 I bought this kit many years ago and never got around to beading it until recently. I like the design, though I am not certain when/where I would wear this.
Snow Leopard Collar
 Freeform beading is a favorite of mine because you have no clear vision of how the piece will turn out. In fact, I had no idea what this would be until I was half way through the piece.
FreeForm Beaded Pendant 
 I love a quick bead, this was a simple design I made up but the best part about this piece is the copper beads are metal, not glass, metal. Just gives the bracelet a great look and feel.
Beaded Bracelet