Thursday, April 26, 2012

Embroidered barrette

I am still working on this embroidery project.  However, I it has been sidelined until after my sister's baby shower this weekend.  I was given the fine task of decorations, so I have been running around getting those together.  Though the piece is not done, I wanted to post what I have completed thus far.  I must admit, I am still envisioning how this will turn out, I like what I have thus far, but I am kind of stuck as to where to go with the design next.

I have actually torn this thing apart twice and so I don't want to move too fast but then again, I guess the only way to know if I will like something is to bead it up and see.  Being that this is my first embroider project, my expectations for the design are moderate, I am really focused on the stitching with this project, and really, the stitching is the easy part.

I will be sure t post when I am done, thought it may take a moment to get my designing mojo back for this project, I think I will leave it be until I can really think the rest of the design through (hopefully I won't have to tear out what I have done so far)

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