Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Polymer Clay Play (Pt. 2)

I normally bead and rarely play with clay, though I attempted some pieces months ago and blogged about it here. However, I must admit that I had to throw away ever single piece because the glaze I chose to use turned them into a sticky mess :-(

I was utterly disgusted and went back to beading away, but I continued to research polymer clay techniques.  One that intrigued me was the image transfer method.  There was a plethora of videos and tutorials on the internet and so I was finding it hard to pick which I would try first.  I happened upon a video on Michaels website and something about the process clicked.  First it seemed super easy and fool proof, having the least amount of steps to follow.  Second, the instructor is actually demonstrating the process and the video was clear and the steps were clearly demonstrated.  Third, the timing of the transfer was short, it took about 2-3 minutes and lastly, it worked perfectly and the instructor had samples of previous transfer s that were a few years old, so I understood this method to be trustworthy.

The video is located here but I have also included the video below:

I tried this tonight using this image 

Elizabeth Caffey painting

And this is the finished transfer:

I used translucent Premo clay and the process took 30 minutes (this includes 25 minutes of baking) so the transfer took about 5 minutes.  The edge at the bottom is a bit chipped, but this due to me scrapping a bit of paper off with my nail- directions clearly state to use a cotton ball, which I did for all but this one spot....

I plan to bezel around this with beads or clay so I will cover up the mishap, other than that, I am throughly satisfied with the outcome.

In addition to this, I also experimented with the Mokume Gane process. I used a few canes that i purchased and just played around.  I didn't go too crazy but I was pleased with what I created:

I stacked the slices and created a bit of a 3D effect on top

Again, I think I will most likely bezel around this piece

Polymer clay has definitely got my attention again and I am so excited to expand on this image transfer idea.  It should be noted that you can transfer black and white images and paint them so that will most likely be my next adventure.

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