Monday, December 2, 2013

Ho Hum Bead Embroidery Aint So Fun

Whoa, ummm normally I fall into a welcomed trance when I bead, however, this project is really challenging for me.

This is a piece that I am working on for the 2013 Bead East Tenth Anniversary Challenge and I am not certain if it is because of the beads or the deadline but I am not feeling this piece.

The bead selection is just not what I would work with, and part of the challenge is to use 75% of the included beads only. The problem I am having is I have to think too much and since this is a freeform embroidery, the design is taking shape as I bead, so I am constantly thinking about where to put what.

I don't hate the piece, I am just feeling bored by it at this point, there are SO MANY BEADS (never thought I would ever say that). I just want it all to be over, but noooooo, I still have a gang of beads all over my board.

Hopefully I will make the deadline, but if I don't, I won't be too upset.

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