Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Love Me, Love Me Not Bracelet

I felt a bit uneasy since complaining about my last embroider project; which sits unfinished still, however, after completing a flat peyote bracelet, I don't feel so bad.  Whipping up that flat peyote bracelet was soooo relaxing and I really had a chance to sit and meditate on some of the more important things in life.

I started with a B&W pattern by KFS that I found on Pinterest:

I chose this pattern because the December challenge for my OTTBS group was black and white with 1 additional color. I really loved the simplicity of the pattern and felt that I could incorporate a single color due to the one central element.

I started with the black and white and then decided to add a pop of teal metallic beads

I really love the end result and I added a simple beaded toggle clasp

This shot is more true to the real color of the teal beads

Now I must digress for a moment, I used some Toho cylinder beads that I bought (on sale) from A.C. Moore.  However, even though I have a nice selection of these beads, I have never used them and I hate them.  They are so wonky and inconsistent and I had a hard time continuing this piece because the beads were just not uniform.  I am used to beading with Miyuki delica beads and truly I am spoiled by the exact nature of delicas.  As usual, you get what you pay for, and I will never complain about the price of delicas again because it is obvious that Miyuki delicas trump Toho cylinder beads.

(Note: I am just referencing Toho cylinder beads, Toho seed beads are still #1 in my book)

All in all, I love the piece, but the Toho's are so annoying and I am seriously considering beading this pattern up using Miyuki delicas, but not right now.  I am going to work on something else that is relaxing (maybe I will give that bead embroider project another go ;-) )

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