Thursday, December 13, 2012

Play with Polymer Clay

So I recently took a polymer clay class at a bead fair that I attened in Virginia. The class was so fun and I really did learn alot about polymer clay. I had some extra clay left over from the class and so I decided to set the beads down and mess around with the clay.

First I decided to just do some simple clay strands in the metallic colors of FIMO that I had left over. I actually like the outcome of the bracelet and I want to experiment more with colors and the size of the strands. (Side note-I purchased an extruder and attempted to use it but the clay was nearly impossible to get out and I almost broke my hand, not to mention, cleaning the darn thing was a bear)

Metallic Twisted Clay Bracelet:

This next piece was made using a mold with faces, I love these face cabs but I hate that they are always bald, can a lady get some hair please? Needless to say, I had to take a moment to style my cabs hair. (Note-I dropped something on it and it left a bit of a "scar"...needless to say, I am going to use this anyway, might add some color to it later)

Golden Locks Cab

Lastly, I created another twisted bangle, some spiral earrings, and a pendant (I also created some really cool circle earrings, but I burnt them and yes I was DEVASTATED)

Abstract Heart Pendant

Spiral Earrings (w/o finding)

 Twisted Pretzel Bangle

I found that while so many love FIMO clay (which is what the teacher recommended and gave us); I found a great sell at Michaels on Sculpey clay and found that to be just as fun to work with. Since I am still a newbie, I can't say what clay is best, but I do know that from my experience thus far, both clays were easy to work with, easy to blend, and baked well.

I created a bangle from the Sculpey clay, I was practicing the milliflori cane design and since the cane was so small, I could not roll it out so I just flattened it and baked it.

 The top pic represents the true color

What about you, do you have a preference, or can you offer some insight on clay brands?

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