Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Double Diamond Back Bracelet

The finished product with a nice silver plated slide clasp


The fit is wonderful and the white and black pattern is very modern and interesting and the swarovski crystals give it a certain bling that catches the light

This is a project that is featured in the June/July 2013 Beadwork magazine. Normally I do not replicate projects from magazines, rather I just gather inspiration but this piece was so beautiful, I just had to make it just as it was featured.

When I first started, I somehow thought that this would work up as one seamless piece, not so.

I had to create 20, yes 20, individual squares....

Next, they had to be linked together, one at a time...

Finally, the edges had to be finished and I reinforced the bracelet for extra sturdiness and durability.

I love the outcome and the black and white color palate is modern and sophisticated (in my humble opinion).  I still have to attach the clasp, however, I cannot locate my sliver tone slide clasps, so I will look for them one last time and then I will just have to purchase more.

While this project was tedious, in that so many individual elements had to be created, I really like the outcome and I think that I make another one with fire polished gems or druks for embellishments instead of swarovski style bicone crystals.

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