Monday, July 1, 2013

Albion Stitch

Heather Kingsley-Heath is the author of Albion Stitch, this is version 2 and so far I attempted the Wavy Bead project (pictured on the cover).   The book is quite interesting and encompasses some fantastic projects. I had the CRAW rope laying around and so I made a gold wavy bead, however, my next endeavor with the albion stitch will be a complete wave bracelet (the colors will be more interesting I assure you).

Close-up of the wavy bead - it is hard to see the dimensions because I used one color instead of contrasting colors.  I chose this because the rope is done in various colors.

I just thought that this was a beautiful shot.

Another interesting shot

I have yet to choose a clasp, though I think I am going to create some beaded bead caps, I will add the finished picture once it is done.

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