Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tri-Wing Ring

This is another project from Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, it is the Tri-Wing Ring.  I am really in love with this book, the shapes and the construction is just mind blowing.  Yes this is just a triangle, however, I already have a project in mind to create a bracelet using this Tri-Wing shape, as well as some earrings!!!!

I really did not love the color choice at first (I was using some leftover beads), however, once completed, the colors have actually grown on me a little.

The fit is perfect, the directions were clear on how to make a size 6 ring
I may use this as a pendant or component for another jewelry piece rahter than a ring, although it is not uncomfortable and it is truly unique


I can't wait to create more, but for now, I am on to another project, the Power Puff (pics soon)

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