Monday, September 23, 2013

Flight by Night

Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely LOVE butterflies.  Hands down, I think they are the most beautiful creatures on this earth.

With that said, when the Animal Challenge was announced by my beading team OTTBS, I was elated to take this challenge by the horns.

No second guessing, I started looking for just the right pattern to bead.  I found an Anna Stacia pattern on pinterest and started my even count peyote journey.

I actually had to start over once I was a fourth of a way down the pattern because I miscounted and doubled up on a row and that threw everything off.  I was truly ready to just throw this in my "unfinished" pile, but the pattern was so pretty I just had to give it another go.

The original pattern has a white background and the butterfly and flower are bright and sunny colored, but I am in love with brown and turquoise so I decided to make a night themed bracelet.

The pattern did not have a directions for the clasp, so I decided to bead a toggle clasp

I love the shimmer from the metallic brown and gold and how it contrasts with the matte turquoise

This photo shows the contrast (and the 2 slightly different shades of turquoise) of the beads a little better and because I used a different camera setting, the background is also a little less pronounced, so that the butterfly stands out.

Now on to my next project...not butterfly themed, but I know I will soon find another project that features butterflies.

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