Friday, September 6, 2013

Soutache, Reveals and More

I have been working hard at my full-time job but hopefully I can eek out some of the projects for various blog hops and swaps that I have signed up for in the near future.

I have a Pearl reveal on September 15, 2013. MiShel Designs is hosting this elegant and fun hop. I actually whipped up my pearl creation rather quickly, so I am just patiently waiting for the hop.

I have an Oriental Earring Swap with my group BeadSwap-USA and that is due on September 23, 2013. We need to make two pair of earrings that fit this theme, however, "Oriental" is quite vague so I am just going to do my best on this one. I love Chinese and Japanese culture so I think I am going to focus on that aspect of the orient.

Then there is a soutache contest for October 3, 2013 being sponsored by Simply Soutache. I have never done soutache but I have all the materials and I have been dying to test my soutache skills. I am a fourth of a way through my project and I must say.....soutache is either not my thang, or I just have to get used to this technique.  I will be able to make a more sound judgement after I am done with my piece.

And just because I didn't think I had enough projects under my belt, there is also a Sequin Blog Hop on September 28, 2013, hosted by Saturday Sequins.  I actually already have this project completed....and I am super excited to reveal it because this is my first time incorporating sequins into my jewelry creations.

I am currently working on two challenge pieces, one for my Etsy Bead Weavers Team 

The theme is The Art of Geometry and I have a project I am contemplating, hopefully I can make it happen before the October 5th deadline.

My other challenge is for my other team OTTBS and the theme is Animals and I have about an eighth of this project completed so we shall see if it gets done by the end of September.

Lastly, there is a Finished Item Swap, hosted by Beaders United, due on October 10, 2013, however, I also completed this piece, and again, I am excited to reveal it once the time comes because I love it, and if it wasn't for the swap, I would keep it for myself :-) But I am also receiving a handmade piece from someone else, so that is exciting and I love being able to give something I made to someone else.  

Oh wait, I spoke to soon, lastly, for real, is a Lampwork and Clay Blog Hop hosted by Pine Ridge Treasures.  This one is not until November 16, 2013 and so I am less stressed about this one. 

One challenge I enjoyed involved tackling a new stitch. The Oglala stitch was totally new to me and though I had read about it when I first started beading, I never got around to using it, but my Bead Challenge Group inspired me to try something new....

I call this little lady "Lacy Sprouts" (click on the link to get the full explanation behind the name), which is featured in my Etsy Shop 

Very comfortable to wear 

Sweet button closure

Seed beads and glass beads were used to complete this bracelet

The green and gold work so well together and this color scheme is my last good-bye to summer (until next year) much to do and so little time.  However, I love challenges and blog hops and swaps because they truly test my skills as a jewelry designer and jewelry maker and really, other than the swaps, there are no true obligations. I do like to give at least 98.3 percent when I am creating because I don't want to create junk or substandard pieces.  

One thing I am missing is time....time to sketch new pieces, time to create something more intensive.  When there are deadlines, it kind of limits what can be accomplished.

So with that said, I am pledging to fall back from deadline imposed projects and spend more time on developing my skills as a designer and small business owner.  The aforementioned take up enough time  and with full-time work and my spiritual obligations, I need to trim as much excess as possible and stream line my activities and time management.

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