Monday, September 23, 2013

Perception (Horned) Bangle

Even in darkness, light can prevail, nothing is ever all good nor all bad, always remember that joy can come even if you are sad. Both dark and light can coexist, it is up to you to determie which perception shall persist. (Dee Alcalde)

This bangle represents ones perception in life. Sometimes we have a pessimistic, or dark view; while at other times we have an optimistic, or light view of situations. Regardless of ones perception of things, it is my belief that when things appear great, there is still some darkness and when things seem dim, there is always a brighter side.

The bangle is composed of a light side that is speckled with horns and spots that are a darker shade; while the opposite side is composed of a dark color that has horns and spots of a lighter shade (hence my view point explained above).

I started by choosing my colors and since I had just came from the bead shop, I choose some of the newly selected colors. I was in a purple, pink, metallic mood.
The actual shape (heptagon - 7 sided shape) was derived from the Horned Bangle concept found in Contemporary Geometric Beadwork.  The actual bangle in the book is only a hexagon but I wanted something a bit more quirky.
I love how this simple circle morphs into a whole new shape/design.

I made the pink side first and then decided that I needed something to break up the pink, I just did not want a completely pink bangle.

So I added the darker purple on the opposite side and that got me to thinking about a name for the piece...
As I continued my work, the heptagon shape and contrast in the colors made me think that some may find this piece ugly, I mean it really is not a normal shape for bangles and the horns just add to the strange quality of the piece.

However, I could not help but thinking that this is one of my most artistic and fabulous pieces.  Not only is it completely unique but I absolutely love the colors I selected and the seamless, imperfect perfection.

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  1. That indeed is quite a stunning bracelet. I really like your sentiments behind it too. Life is definitely a balancing act. I always try to remember when things are bad that it won't last. And, I always try to remember when things are good, that it won't last either.