Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sequintial Chaos

I made this embroidered bracelet for the Sequintastic September Blog Hop.

Please note that I have NEVER EVER incorporated sequins in my jewelry pieces so this was definitely a challenge for me.  With that said, I absolutely had a blast creating this piece.

I started by cutting out my backing (Lacy's Stiff Stuff) - Please don't judge my messy bead mat - I create best in a bit of disorganization.

Then I bezelled the various cabochons to the backing. 

I started adding beads but I was uncertain when or where to incorporate the sequins so I just decided to let the sequins fall where they may (hence the name).  There is no rhyme or reason to the design, just a lot of beads and some cabs (and let us not forget the sequins).

I trimmed the whole bracelet in matte black seed beads using the picot technique

Then I added an ultra suede backing in a dark purple

And lastly,  I added a hook and eye clasp in black tone

View from the far right side

View from the far left

And a view of the middle of the bracelet

It is a perfect, comfortable fit and I love it!

I am thankful to have found this technique of incorporating sequins into my designs and I am excited to use sequins more and more as I continue to design more jewelry pieces.

Please take some time to look at the pieces created by other participants of this blog hop, I am certain you will find the experience fun and inspirational.


  1. Wow Dee, your cuff is gorgeous! I love all the different colors and cabs you used and how you filled in the spaces here and there with sequins to give just the right accent and flare.

  2. Looks like the sequins fell in all the right places! What a beautiful bracelet. I also work best in a bit of a mess. I find I have "happy accidents" when I have beads spread all over, sometimes they gravitate towards eachother in ways I might not have imagined.

  3. Lovely, lovely work! I agree with Liz that the sequins fell in the right places.

    You did a stunning job, Dee, and I'm so glad you signed up for the blog hop. I hope you keep working with sequins. <3

  4. Very pretty! I like how the sequins form resting places between the lines of beadwork. Little reflecting pools.

    And I had to smile at your bead mat, because you should see my bead table on a good day. I can't seem to create without making a mess - the bigger the better.

  5. Stunning cuff, I just love all the colors you used. Great job!

  6. Your cuff is simply stunning!! Very well designed

  7. Lovely cuff! A very good use of the sequins, nestling them between the beads like that. Well done!

  8. Just beautiful Dee! Love the 3D quality and the colors you have used. Really fun ;-)