Friday, March 30, 2012


Chainmaille Flower earrings made using 2 sizes of silver jump rings (I can't remember the size of the jump rings, but the pattern can be found on jewelrymakingprofessor, and it is free). This was my first chainmaille project, it was majorly frustrating but the outcome was very rewarding.  The center of the flowers are green 4mm swarovski crystals.

Chiquita earrings are a pattern created by Ellad and can be found on  This earring used herringbone stitch and embellishments. 8/0 and 11/0 seed beads and 8mm and 6mm pearls were used to complete this design.

Dangle earrings were created using metal Lilly Pilly sheets found on  I cut the metal strips and then twisted them and connected the bead on the bottom.  While I like the design, I will use a larger dowel when I make them again so that the contrast of the metals can be seen better.

Beaded Star earrings were made with pony beads.  I made these for my niece as a gift.  You can use any size beads but you will have to adjust the number of beads for the star points, be sure to use an odd number of beads for the points.

Beadwoven Heart earrings were made using a design from  They work up really fat, less than an hour to complete, and use 8/0 and 15/0 seed beads, as well as 2mm gold beads.

Black Noir earrings were made using these really cool beads that I got from a bead mix from A.C. Moore.  I added jet black swarovski crystals to add a little more sophistication.

Fan Earrings were made of wire and I found the design on These work up really fast and I used a colored wire to complete them.

Trinket earrings were derived from a free pattern on  These earrings were fun and fast to create, I used 15/0 seed beads, and 4mm pearls as well as 4mm swarovski crystals.

Purple earrings were made from beads out of a bead mix I got at A.C. Moore, I added the opal swarovski crystalsand 8/0 seed beads in order to jazz them up a little 

Leopard Eyes earrings were made using a pattern from  I love these earrings, they took a couple of days to weave but they turned out divinely. Used 11/0 and 10/0 seed beads in varying colors and gold plated fire polished 3mm beads.

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