Saturday, June 22, 2013

Completed Rick Rack Bangle

I have completed the bangle and the most significant change is that I built a few rows on the opposite side in order to give the bangle a more polished look.  While I was tempted to add more embellishments, I did not want to compromise the already snug fit.  While I am not certain if embellishments would make the bangle smaller, I just did not want to chance it and then be left with a bangle that I could not wear.

I have decided that this will be the top of the bangle

This angle shows the beaded edge on the underside, it is subtle but it creates a nice edging 

This is the bangle turned upside down and really the bangle can be worn on either side


I love the color combination and now I am excited to move onto adding horns or wings and twists and turns.  Again the versatility that is offered is truly endless.

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