Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rick Rack Bangle (Part 2)

So I have completed one side of my rick rack bangle and now I think I am going to build on the opposite side, then I am going to add a few embellishments to finish.

Not certain which side will be the top/bottom yet???

The bangle still fits but it is snug getting around my hand, however, I am pleased that I was able to gauge the sizing quite close.

I love the curve that appeared after I added a point round and a lot of tension

I have seen some awesome rick rack bangles, and I have to be careful not to compare my bangle to others that I have seen.  I am very pleased at my first run with this project, and while it is quite simplistic, it is still a success and I am excited to continue to grow with this new found technique.

Stay tuned for the completed bangle!